Portfolio > Walking Together Apart (with Alicia Hunt)

Collaborative performance series by Alicia Hunt and Katie Huckson. Over six weeks during the summer of 2020, Hunt and Huckson conducted performative daily walks guided by predetermined parameters.

This project was designed as a means of exploring the new, heightened significance of daily walks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through semi-structured, ritual daily walks, Alicia Hunt and Katie Huckson explored the idea of isolated connectivity and localized attentiveness in this time.

Each artist performed a walk daily, independently, during which they were be mindful of the parameters we created for this project. Throughout each of the three phases, we set media-specific parameters relevant to the conceptual focus of that phase.

Phase 1: Consider the sensory experience of your walk.
What do you smell, see, taste, hear, feel?
Capture the sensation(s) with field audio recordings, rubbings and/or drawings.

Phase 2: Seek out an object or thing you find particularly interesting. Why are you drawn to it? What is unique or treasured about it? Where/what is it from?
Can you carry it with you? Should you take it with you?
Document with photograph(s), or if possible/appropriate/safe, bring the object(s) home and scan it.

Phase 3: Seek out something (sense, feeling, object, living thing) that is unfamiliar.
After 28 days of walking through similar spaces and places, can you identify something new?
Try to document this unfamiliarity with written field notes and/or video recording.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.